Samarpan P. Powels, Publisher of and

Samarpan P. Powels, Publisher of and

About FindYourNose

How the Meditation Seconds started…

The First Meditation Second

Today I am enjoying this moment – this Meditation Second was one of the first to be sent into the world. The 12 people who received the short meditation gave great feedback: Wonderful, inspiring and an uplifting surprise… A good start!

Wise Sentences Echoing Inside

From the moment I began meditating, I have been fascinated by its healing and life-affirming effects. The state of meditation to me is an inexhaustible source of creativity and adventure. I am enjoying the experiments with growing awareness. Over a period of many years a specific sentence or a meditation technique would stay with me throughout the day, reminders like Walking without a head or Stopping in the middle of a movement… Wanting to always remember those blissful states of meditation but unable to devote the time for regular hours, these short phrases suited me well to keep the undercurrent of meditation alive in daily life.

Short, Practical and Powerful Suggestions

For this application I selected short meditation techniques about watching thoughts, feelings and the body in its finest form. Thoughts, feelings and body – all that we are not. By experimenting with the Meditation Seconds you may get a sense of who you really are. The gift of growing in awareness will be a loving intimacy with one’s true nature.

Have fun experimenting with the Meditation Seconds and enjoy the pleasure of living a meditative life!

Samarpan P. Powels