Instructions – How to use


Guide to Daily Meditation

Each Meditation Second begins with “Today…”, a suggestion to experiment with this technique during the day. These short meditations seem to be simple – however it needs some practice to integrate them into daily life. Remember the short sentences at anytime– while waiting at traffic lights, while eating and walking or while in a conversation… Open yourself to what the technique conveys to you.


Starting point of all these Osho meditation techniques is a sharp, loving and sensitive perception of oneself. Select a life theme, choose a card and feel the sentence of this specific Meditation Second from inside. It may be helpful to close your eyes to feel the pointers in depth and comprehend them. The Meditation Seconds are based on ancient wisdom of spiritual traditions and contain multi-dimensional meanings. Behind the apparently simple sentences lie deeper truths that can be explored and experienced in depth.

For how long?

Change the Meditation Seconds daily until you’ll find ‚your‘ technique. You might come across one or another meditation technique that you easily can relate to. If this is the case, experiment with this technique for three days and, if it still is touching and pleasurable for you, then extend to 3 months. You will discover things about yourself that you would have never imagined!

Having fun

Meditation is an enjoyable and easy affair, thus here the proposal to take the Meditation Seconds lightly and playfully. Rather than concentration it is receptivity that brings the experience of meditation. Create for yourself a space where you can experiment and be sensitive with yourself.

Deepening meditation methods

Meditating regularly deepens the understanding of what meditation is. It is recommended to experiment with active OSHO meditations, like OSHO Kundalini Meditation, a meditation with soft body shaking – the OSHO Dynamic Meditation, a powerful meditation technique to learn watching in action and the OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation, a humming meditation technique. There are other meditations, please check on for various meditation techniques that might suit you.

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