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Mindfulness Techniques for Daily Life

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Meditation is not a question of time, but of intensity – a short, deep and loving inquiry into oneself, and it does not require a particular place, time – or environment.
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Meditation Seconds provide you with the following:

» A daily transformational meditation to experiment with
» A random meditation that is easy to remember
» Instant presence and centeredness when practicing the meditation
» Getting a sense of what meditation is
» Choose a card out of 8 life topics - where you want inspiration

Experiments in daily life

Each Meditation Second begins with “Today…”, a suggestion to experiment with this technique during the day. Remember the short sentences at anytime – while waiting at traffic lights, while eating and walking or while in a conversation... Open yourself to what the technique conveys to you. These short meditations seem to be simple - however it needs some practice to integrate them into daily life.
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Inspired by Osho

All the techniques in the Meditation Seconds the mystic and meditation master Osho has talked about in detail during his talks - you will find more information about the meditations on www.osho.com

8 life themes
99 meditations
inspiring Osho quotes

There are 8 states of being that are useful to be in while experimenting with the meditation techniques. Here we have named the states 'life themes'. Each life topic contains 14 meditation cards, the last one, the unknown, consists of only one card. The themes mirror a range of natural states of our true being. Choose one for your experiments...


Life Theme 'Being Love'

The Meditation Seconds of "Being Love" support the awareness of being a loving human being. Our nature is unconditional love. The red Meditation Seconds help us to remember this state. 14 meditation techniques for daily life, plus, many insightful Osho quotes on love.


Life Theme 'Being Alive In The Body'

The orange Meditation Seconds are directed towards the body. Modern man has moved far away from his body into the head. The 14 orange meditations support fine perception of the subtle layers in the body. Plus, many insightful Osho quotes about the wisdom of the body.


Life Theme 'Sensing'

The 14 yellow cards of Meditation Seconds are related to our sensory awareness: smelling, tasting, feeling, seeing and hearing. Those Meditation Seconds enhance the use of the senses in a receptive and conscious way. 14 meditations and many more Osho quotes on the senses.


Life Theme 'Celebration'

Celebrating yourself – these 14 green text cards encourage celebration in your daily life. The aim of the green meditations is to focus attention on the festive aspect of our nature. Osho has given great quotes for going deep into the joy of celebration.


Life Theme 'In The World'

The world sometimes seems to be only pain and stress ... the 14 turquoise Meditation Seconds are helpful to see and be attentive to how we create problems by ourselves – by perceiving what is beyond all problems and mind. 14 meditations and many more insightful Osho quotes.


Life Theme 'Being Free'

The 14 blue Meditation Seconds help to uncover routine behavior and to stay conscious in this moment. Being free means to be free of the restrictive personality. The greatest freedom is beyond the personality – when experiencing the inner buddha. 14 short meditations and many more deepening Osho quotes.


Life Theme 'Quantum Leap'

The 14 purple-colored Meditation Seconds are the most challenging to experiment with. It needs a lot of courage to completely surrender to the mystical knowing. A big quantum leap is necessary to jump into the space the purple Meditation Seconds are suggesting. Here 14 meditations and insightful Osho quotes to guide the experiments.


Life Theme 'The Unknown'

The Joker card contains a surprise – the great unknown void from which all life arises. The black nothingness of this Meditation Second invites the observer to reflect this moment as it is perceived. An inspiring Osho quote deepens the experiment.

Here 99 Meditation Seconds, 99 Mindfulness Techniques with Osho quotes to experiment with in daily life. It only takes a second to meditate! Choose out of 8 life themes: love, body, senses, celebration, mind, freedom, mysticism - quantum leap and the unknown.


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